Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Create Digital Editions with Digital Magazine Software easily

Publications are increasingly turning Digital. Online magazines are a reality all across the globe.  How fast the digital editions catching up the imagination of public can be best understood by the most widely read encyclopedia Britannica’s going digital and stopping print edition. iPads and Smart Phones made digital publication more lucrative as different sections of society have now become easy to reach. It all requires a Digital Magazine Software to convert a print ready publication into a digital edition or to create a new exclusive digital edition. The software not just converts or creates a digital edition, but also enrich the publication by adding various interesting features.

Digital Magazine software has great utility value. These softwares  turns the publishing content into digital version to be accessed on a  range of electronic devices including desktops and laptops besides iPads, Phones, Kindle and other  e-Readers.  The software convert static print ready PDF files into engaging digital versions using PDF- to- Flash, PDF -to – HTML conversion technologies. A lot more features can be added to make digital version more appealing. Videos and other rich media like animations can be added throughout the publication making it rich and increasing the source of revenue other than subscription. The distinct advantage of software is, it enables reading on the go, reading at the convenience without the burden of carrying anything extra except your device, which you however carry. It’s like your favorite magazine is in your pocket you can access to it from anywhere and everywhere. For publishers it reduces the investment to a great extent and increases profits many fold.

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