Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to create a magazine for e-Readers like iPads and Mobiles

Publication industry saw a sea change over the years. The print versions of publication gradually giving way to electronic version of publication.  Wide spread presence of iPads, Kindle and other e readers besides mobiles aiding this process.  Technology gives the advantage to make the publication attractive and engaging. Various features can be added to the publishing for a better reading experience. It is a lucrative option for publishers as video and animation ads can be integrated  although the publication, thus increasing the revenue. It is blooming for all these reasons and fast eating into the space of traditional printing.

Creating a digital magazine is simple and easy. There are softwares to create digital magazine and apps to create and display on various devices including desktop, laptop, e-Readers and mobiles. Online publications can be made out of print ready PDF files. The static files can be converted into appealing digital editions. This is cost effective and doesn’t require much time.  Rich media like videos and animation can be added althrough the publication.  You can add choicest features to the publication like Search option to enable searching for a specific content with in the page and within the overall edition. Page Indexing facility - to identify each page and to make navigation to any page easy and simple. You can allow a particular item or chapter to be downloaded, printed and also to be shared on various social networking sites, means all this option can be integrated. Alternatively you can seek services of Pageturnpro, where all these can be looked after on behalf of you.

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