Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Create a Digital Version of a Magazine

Well, a lot of people do not know how to create a digital version of a magazine. But to the matter of fact, it is as simple as ABC. First of all, you have to understand the thing that it works on PDF-to-HTML & PDF-to-Flash software transformation technologies. It can transform static, print-ready PDFs into digital publications. So you can easily make your own digital version of a magazine by converting your content into PDFs and then uploading on the software conversion software. These kind of software applications which are known by the name of the page turn software, flip book maker software, digital magazine maker software, etc. can make the final product in just a few minutes. Now you can also upload this digital edition of your publication into your website. Visitors can easily see the link of your digital magazine, which is uploaded to your site.

Well, if you ask why to create a digital version of magazine, then the reasons are many. Out of them, the most common is that we are living in the digital era and now people look for dynamic and interactive ways to gather and share information and digital publications have these attributes. You can embed audios, videos, background music, hyperlinks, Google Analytics, social media sharing buttons, and much more in your digital publications which provide you and your customers something more that you can’t expect in paper printed publications.

Further, your customers can flip the pages like they can in its paper counterparts. So, all in all, the reasons are endless on why to create a digital version of a magazine.

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