Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Traditional Magazines are giving way to Digital Magazines

Magazines, these days, are more popular as E-Magazines or Ezines. The traditional paperback magazines are gradually diminishing. The new form of the magazine is catching up fast all over the globe. It brought enormous advantages to both the reader and publishers alike. The effects of it could be seen everywhere. People with magazines are not any more a familiar sight. Magazine shops have become irrelevant and out of date too. It doesn’t mean either the magazines have lost their importance nor the readers lost the zeal to updates. People are getting access to it in another format, the new format is more sophisticated, can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. Besides, it is more interactive and compelling and can be read even while working without bothering to lose the touch.

 Digital Magazines are easy to create and publish to a variety of electronic devices. The Flipping book software allows creation of spectacular magazines form PDFs, giving an edge over the regular one’s on the outer appeal.  The content can be made engaging with the integration of rich media like videos and animation.  Various features like social book marking and other directory listing of helps to get better traffic towards your site too. Other than this it frees the magazine publishers from the tedious task of circulating and distributing the magazine. The circulation of digital version is just a few clicks away. Since these can be accessed on a range of devices on synchronization, it ensures you never to lose the touch with the reader or customer, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

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